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Yaya Guru 

Created with your Kismet in Mind

The Yaya Guru was born into the LDS Church and raised holistically in

Las Vegas, NV before moving to Northern Utah in 2008 and is also married to

a wild and crazy guy, as well as led along by a gaggle of 6 children.  


She's been a childbirth educator and doula since 1997 and since that time,

her professional holistic skillset has expanded to raise the eyebrows of

neighbors and ward members as well as meet the needs of her family and

clientele and her personal drive.  She's been passionately engaged in arming

people with a more complete knowledge of marrying the God's gifts with their

health, thereby liberating them from limiting pain and distraction, allowing them

to fulfill God's personal mission for them.


She is grateful for all the learning experiences God has given her and is passionate

about helping others feel good and free and partake of the 'At-One-Ment' that our

Creator and Elder Brother have gifted to us. 




1997 -:  Childbirth Educator


1997 -:  Birth Doula


1997-2009:  President, CELA of Southern Nevada

2000 -:  Vaccine Awareness Educator

2001-:  Homeschooling Mother

2002:  Author, A World of Wisdom Cookbook (W.O.W. cookbook)


2006 -:  Holistic teacher (herbs, essential oils, clinical face reading, etc)

2009-: SimplyHealed Practitioner


2010 -:  Co-Founder/Director of Holistic Living Events


2010:  Author, The Way of the Peaceful Birther


2010-: Board Member, Midwifery College of Utah

2017-: Relationship Coach


Most importantly, wife and mother of 6.





We are a very small staff with older as well as younger, occassionally sticky children who need lots of hugs and kisses and guidance.  While we try our best to answer emails in a timely manner, we are still sometimes slow as molasses in responding.  Thank you for your understanding and patience. Yaya Guru is physically based in Northern Utah and mentally based in Hawaii - or Bali....maybe the Mediterranean.


"Yaya's is a wonderful source of knowledge and insight. Her childbirth education class was a huge awakening for me and helped me understand the things I needed to know in order to have the birth I wanted.


The YayaGuru site is amazing! Now all that knowledge is at my fingertips. The site is easy to navigate to find all the information you want or need. I also love pointing expectant women to this site. I know they will be able to find answers to their questions and come away from it feeling educated and empowered.”


Katie Skillin
Mother of 3

Yaya's birth class is AMAZING! She makes it fun, entertaining and you definitely gain a lot of information. My husband is NOT into the whole birth scene, it stresses him out the whole ten months until a healthy baby is placed in my arms.


Learning more about birth was not his cup of tea so he went just for me but Yaya’s quirky, fun personality made the class endurable for him and might I say he learned quite a lot to help me through. Thanks Yaya, you are the best!”


Tiera Sims
Las Vegas, NV

“I have finished reviewing the whole Yaya Guru program and I have to say I love it. Yaya has done such a great job touching on everything a new mom needs to know to create the best birth for her, her baby, and her family. This course is very comprehensive and easy to listen to. I love it.”


Dr. Nancy Salgueiro
Ontario, Canada