The Way of the Peaceful Birther

A peaceful birth can take on many different faces. It can take place in the hospital, at a birth center, in a home, or even under a tree. And despite your plans during pregnancy, if the birth strays from those plans, you can still have a peaceful birth. New parents will walk away from the whole of their birthing experience empowered, happy, and content with the outcome, ready to jump into parenting with both feet.  Written from a perspective of faith, but not overtly LDS.

"This is a great book written in the language which you would visit with someone. Amy Cox Jones has some wonderful knowledge to share about birth and taking it back! We would all live in a beautiful birth culture if we practiced this "way of a peaceful birther."

Eating according to what is in season isn't a new idea, but it is one that is being proven to be based on a sound medical, ethical, environmental and scriptural foundation. From basic staples to scrumptious desserts, A World of Wisdom will take you through the seasons and show you how easy it is to follow the Word of Wisdom. 198 pages of seasonal, grain based, low animal products, whole foods recipes organized according to season. Includes a section on many ordinary and unusual grains with easy cooking directions.

A World of Wisdom Cookbook

"Lots of real-food recipes! I won't have to make a quick trip to the health food store to try out this book. Also looks kid-friendly. The book is well put together and easy to read. I'm sure I'm going to be using it a lot!"