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Yaya Guru In-Person Childbirth Education

Gospel Centered and Holistic

providing childbirth education since 1997


Imagine your birth as the pinnacle, spirit-led experience you know it is meant to be.  Amazing, right?

But, in a culture that almost totally excludes the spiritual aspects of pregnancy and birth, what are LDS parents-to-be to do?


Let's not forget the real, safety aspects of birth as well, though.

Why is it that North America is an embarrassingly and frighteningly dangerous country to give birth in?  And how can you tip the safety scale in your favor?


You want to know all the details of how to make your birth safe AND spiritual,

but there are the little issues of limited time, not being my next door neighbor, and maybe you're not a millionaire.  Does this mean that a safe AND spiritually minded birth are out of your reach? No way!


You're in luck, sisters and brothers!

Your Yaya Guru has taken all her knowledge and experience as a holistic LDS birth professional since 1997 and.... 

BAM!  She's made one rockin childbirth education series that you can knock out in a weekend.

Are You Ready to Invest in Yourself and Future Family?

What Makes the Yaya Guru Childbirth Course Different?

Four main advantages that set Yaya Guru apart from just about any other childbirth course is that these classes are:

  • gospel centered

  • holistic

  • independent

  • up to date


Being independent means that no hospital or care provider is paying me.  I am not censored in teaching, nor do I have a vested interest in “selling” you any procedures because of someone else’s policies.  This also means that content is more in depth than contracted educator’s.  You will receive more unfiltered, concentrated information and heart than from a hospital sponsored or even from other 'methods' that train and contract with educators.

Birth practices and findings sometimes change rapidly, which is why staying up to date is a high priority for Yaya Guru.  No waiting for materials and content to go up the chain, get approved, and then updated like most other childbirth educators.  I stay well informed of current research findings, make it a point to stay well read, attend conferences, network with local birth professionals, and volunteer with childbirth organizations.


And because I am also a holistic professional, you get the advantages that that knowledge brings to the birth year.  Allopathic medicine has very few methods to avoid, treat, and remedy ailments and complications without putting assuming some major risks.  On the other hand, holistic medicine offers time tested, reliable, safe and affordable methods to create health and well-being during pregnancy and beyond.   As the author of The Way of the Peaceful Birther, I firmly believe that the birth year can and should be a peaceful, empowering experience no matter the outcome, and that fear and anger have no place in birth.  Yaya Guru is a process, not a method, and offers a unique approach to the integration of mind, body and spirit. My goal is to help you approach your experience peacefully, that facilitates your innate knowledge and inform you of all your options for maternity care, birthplace and parenting choices.  

I also have a firm belief that the most likely way to achieve the safest, most satisfying birth is through the applying the principals of gospel of Jesus Christ and making Him the center of your experience.  If you choose to spiritually enter into this experience with your whole heart, I testify that you can uncover an amazing amount of hidden treasures of knowledge, that will impact the level of safety as well as satisfaction you desire.

Do I Have To Be Christian or LDS To Benefit From the Course?

Of course not!  

Yaya Guru comes from a space of inclusivity and acceptance while being unapologetic and maintaining integrity to her faith.  No heavy handedness, negativity, or guilt here.  There is so much meaty info in these classes no matter what your spiritual or religious affiliation, you'll be blown away with all the practical info.  The spiritual aspect of this course is a compliment that for those who come from a place of belief that it will be a strength and benefit to them, but certainly I believe that regardless of your belief system you will be happy with the classes if you can respect all the religious and spiritual perspective infused in them! 

What's Included in the Course?

Yaya Guru is a Gospel centered, holistic online childbirth course that comes with a beautifully designed workbook to help you get the most out of the workshop.

When you invest in Yaya's birth workshop, what you’re really getting is over a two decades of researching and compiling information into the most accessible format possible. It would literally take you years to track down all of the information in the Yaya Guru Course if you tried to do it yourself.


Instead, you get every single tip I have learned over the years to create a wonderful pregnancy and childbirth, and get to tap into all of my years of personal experience as a doula and childbirth educator, which simply can’t be replicated.

What Are the Class Topics?

Class topics are detailed out here, but in a nutshell you'll learn about:


Postpartum Intimacy

  • Learn the 6 P's to amazing postpartum intimacy and strengthening your postpartum relationship. It's about to get real, brothers and sisters.


Achieving a healthy, low risk birth and beyond

  • The how's to being healthy and why it is so vitally important to you, your baby, and your spirits.

  • How some women feel better pregnant than they ever have before….learn how this woman can be you!

Your options for your birth team and birth environment

  • What is stewardship over birth?

  • The critical questions that you need to ask when selecting your caregiver and birthplace, and how this critical decision will impact your birth experience.

Understanding birth interventions

  • Learn the positive spiritual 'interventions' that will help strengthen you and make your birth the experience God means it to be.

  • Learn about the different types of birth interventions, risks and benefits associated with each, their alternatives and why “benign interventions” aren’t so benign.

The stages of labor and the process of birth

  • The spiritually symbolic nature of the labor and birth process.

  • The little known secrets of how to tell when you’re REALLY in labor and when it’s time to call your birth team or go to your birthplace.

Birth Planning

  • What is an early labor plan? 

  • Learn how to draw up a birth plan that will be listened to and respected.


Comfort Measures and Tricks of the Trade

  • Learn and apply easy-to-understand skills for labor supporters

  • Establish in-depth, empowering techniques that will help you to enjoy your labor​.


Manifestation skills

  • Understand the science behind why visualization works.

  • Take a beautiful, powerful journey though what is possible for your birth.


Avoiding and navigating the unexpected

  • Recognize that fine line of when to intervene and when not to intervene.

  • Grasp onto the tools you will need to shape your birth into a peaceful one, even if intervention becomes necessary.


Letting go of limiting fears and beliefs

  • Address and resolve those little fears still gnawing at you in a graceful, easy way.

  • Create powerful labor tools that are personal to you and will help guide you through “Laborland.”


Your baby, your body, and your new life

  • What is a babymoon and why do you NEED one?

  • Discover how to bounce back in record time through tried and true secrets of midwives and doulas.

  • Learn gospel tools to help you become a peaceful, centered parent and address controversial topics like vaccines, circumcision and “crying it out” with confidence.


The secrets to breastfeeding success

  • Discover why the first 3 hours, 3 days, 3 weeks and 3 months after birth can determine your breastfeeding success.

  • Explore time-tested, safe and natural remedies for increasing milk supply, resolving mastitis in three hours and curing thrush once and for all.

Live Childbirth Class FAQ's

What are the Dates and Times?

  • Dates:  please see registration above for your options

  • 9:30 am to 5:30 pm both days

with a 1.5 hour off campus lunch break (lunch not included).

Are there any discounts or bonuses available?

not at this time.

Where is South Jordan, UT in relation to the Salt Lake City International Airport?

South Jordan is about 25 miles south of the airport just off of I-15.  The Trax public transportation system conveniently takes you from the airport right to where the workshop is located, and from the drop off point it's about a 5 minute walk!


Do I have to be Christian or LDS to attend?  What if I'm unable to have a partner with me?

​Nope!  We welcome anyone with any faith background from any walk of life, with the caveat that the workshops will be taught from a Christian point of view with a LDS slant.  So long as you can handle that and a public prayer or two, you're golden!  And if are unable to have a partner with you (although bringing a friend, mother, sister, etc is totally encouraged) that is fine!


Can I get a refund if I need it?

When contacting us to request a refund, please include title of class and dates.

If you cancel 30 days prior to the first date of training, a refund will be issued less 10% processing and administration fee. You may also credit the amount paid for a training towards a future training. 


If you cancel less than 30 days prior to the first date of training AND we can fill your place, we will refund everything except the 10% fee. If we cannot fill your spot, we cannot refund any monies and remaining balance, if any, must be paid in full. Remember, you can credit the amount paid for a training towards a future training.   You may also transfer registration to a trusted loved one

There are NO refunds once the first date of training has started.


Does the investment include hotel or travel costs?

No. The fee is for the Yaya Guru Childbirth Education™ Workshop only. You are responsible for travel and hotel costs. The closest hotel (within about a 20 minute walking distance) is Springhill Suites in South Jordan 


Do you give scholarships or trade for the class?

Scholarships: Yes, on a very limited basis. There is always one scholarship quietly given out to one participant for each class.


Trades: not at this time.


What to Expect after Registering

Please allow up to 72 hours for a confirmation (beyond your payment receipt) and further information, like exact location.


What Are Your Policies?

Handicap accommodations:  Please inquire by email​

Legal Disclaimer

The Fine Print/Legal Disclaimer

Holistic Living Events and the Yaya Guru and its events are not an official entities of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.   The LDS Church does not endorse these events or content. By purchasing a ticket(s) to and attending this event, you are recognizing that Holistic Living Events or the Yaya Guru is in no manner diagnosing or prescribing anything, including medicine. You understand that anyone affiliated with these events is not required to be licensed and any information/products received are purely educational in nature. Nothing has been reviewed or approved of by a government or medical agency. You agree to take full responsibility for your health and waive any liability of personal injury to yourself, others or a third party. You assume any risk of implementing or ingesting any suggestion, medicine, food (including concessions), or alternative therapy presented at these events, through its vendors, or caterers. You assume full responsibility for yourself and any minor in your care for all risks of attending this conference. If you not agree, please do not buy a ticket for or attend this event

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