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Level 2 FAQ's

Is taking the Level 1 workshop a pre requisite to taking the Level 2 workshop?

Yes. Much of the information and activities in the Level 2 workshop is built upon what is learned in Level 1.  Only on a case by case basis are we able to accept a student into the Level 2 workshop who has not completed Level 1 (please contact us), and that student must be willing to accept that there might be some holes in the information given.    

How do the Level 1 and Level 2 workshop differ?

Level 2 Home Farmacist builds on all the concepts you learned in lvel one and provides you with hands- on guidance and more in depth systems and protocols (i.e. cleanses, treating major illnesses, etc.) to empower you to leave confident in your abilities to make remedies with safe guards in place as well as dispense the knowledge and skills you have learned. As with level 1, you will leave with a remedies and course book unique to the Yaya Guru Home Farmacist™ approach.   


What are the Dates and Times?

  • Dates:  Level 2 dates are decided and arranged around the availability of the Level 1 students a the Level 1 workshop.  Our software requires us to add an event date, but know that the date will be arranged around your schedule.

  • If you register for both Level 1 + 2 from this page you will be able to select which dates you prefer.  2018 Level 1 dates are:

    • March 23-24

    • May 4-5

    • July 20-21

    • Sept 28-29

    • Nov 30-Dec 1

  • 9:30 am to 5:30 pm both days

with a 1.5 hour off campus lunch break (lunch not included).

Are there any discounts or bonuses available for level 2?

​Yes.  Register for both Level 1 & 2 together online, you will save $75.

Where is South Jordan, UT in relation to the Salt Lake City International Airport?

South Jordan is about 25 miles south of the airport just off of I-15.  The Trax public transportation system conveniently takes you from the airport right to where the workshop is located, and from the drop off point it's about a 5 minute walk!

Do I have to be Christian or LDS to attend?  Is this a women's only workshop?

​Nope!  We welcome anyone with any faith background from any walk of life, with the caveat that the workshops will be taught from a Christian point of view with a LDS slant.  So long as you can handle that and a public prayer or two, you're golden!  Additionally of course these workshops are open to men, but it is common that men are in the minority at these workshops.

Are there age restrictions on the workshops?

You must be 16 or older to attend a Yaya Guru Home Farmacist™ Workshop.

Can I get a refund if I need it?

When contacting us to request a refund, please include title of class and dates.

If you cancel 30 days prior to the first date of training, a refund will be issued less 10% processing and administration fee. You may also credit the amount paid for a training towards a future training. 

If you cancel less than 30 days prior to the first date of training AND we can fill your place, we will refund everything except the 10% fee. If we cannot fill your spot, we cannot refund any monies and remaining balance, if any, must be paid in full. Remember, you can credit the amount paid for a training towards a future training.   You may also transfer registration to a trusted loved one

There are NO refunds once the first date of training has started.

Does the investment include hotel or travel costs?

No. The fee is for the Yaya Guru Home Farmacist™ Workshop only. You are responsible for travel and hotel costs. 

Do you give scholarships or trade for the class?

Scholarships: Yes, on a very limited basis. There is always one scholarship quietly given out to one participant for each class.

Trades: not at this time.

What to Expect after Registering

Please allow up to 72 hours for a confirmation (beyond your payment receipt) and further information, like exact location.

What Are Your Policies?

Handicap accommodations:  Please inquire by email

Babies:  We can accommodate quiet none mobile babies in the Level 1 Workshop, but as much as we would love to accommodate babies in Level 2, we cannot.  We are sorry!

Advertising and Sponsorship at Workshops

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Legal Disclaimer

The Fine Print/Legal Disclaimer

Holistic Living Events and the Yaya Guru and its events are not an official entities of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.   The LDS Church does not endorse these events or content. By purchasing a ticket(s) to and attending this event, you are recognizing that Holistic Living Events or the Yaya Guru is in no manner diagnosing or prescribing anything, including medicine. You understand that anyone affiliated with these events is not required to be licensed and any information/products received are purely educational in nature. Nothing has been reviewed or approved of by a government or medical agency. You agree to take full responsibility for your health and waive any liability of personal injury to yourself, others or a third party. You assume any risk of implementing or ingesting any suggestion, medicine, food (including concessions), or alternative therapy presented at these events, through its vendors, or caterers. You assume full responsibility for yourself and any minor in your care for all risks of attending this conference. If you not agree, please do not buy a ticket for or attend this event. 

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