Oh the joys of personal connection!


As much as I love technology, I love the one on one connection I get from providing in person classes and 'getting my hands dirty'.  I learn so much from the feedback I get, and I gain so much through the rich connections made.


Yaya Guru's The Marriage Fix

I've had many clients walk through my doors ready to throw in the towel.  I am their last ditch effort to get the love, passion, and excitement they know God intended for them. 


They are always shocked to learn that with just a few simple changes in how you think about marriage, this dream CAN manifest.

No matter how long you’ve been feeling hopeless and helpless…

No matter how you’re man’s treating you, or how long you’ve been together…

No matter how set in his ways your man is (or you in yours) …

The marriage you've been waiting for is right around the corner and at your fingertips.  

You won't believe how quickly and easily things can turn around.  

And your husband won't be able to really pinpoint what's changed, but he won't care because he'll be happier and feeling that spark again, the marriage will be better, and most importantly, YOU'LL be the happiest you've ever been!

Haven’t you wasted enough precious time out of your life NOT experiencing the romance you want and deserve?

If so, don’t wait even one day longer…


Yaya Guru Gospel-Centered Live Childbirth Education

Learn secrets most moms-to-be will never know about creating a more spiritual, safer and healthier pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum....in person!

You’ve probably heard friends talk about wonderful labor and delivery experiences, and then you’ve likely heard the nightmare, horror stories too.


Do you know what the single most important factor is in determining what kind of experience YOU are going to have?

Still thinking?

After working with hundreds of moms-to-be over the years, I’m 100% convinced that it is EDUCATION and PREPARATION that makes the biggest difference in getting the birth outcome that you desire.


When you know about your options, THAT is when you maintain control of your birth experience.


On the other hand, if you leave it up to chance, things can quickly spiral outside of your control, and the birth of your child can wind up being something very different from what you envisioned.


Yaya Guru Live Home Farmacist Classes

In person, hands on learning!

Being LDS, we espouse that ‘the errand of angels is given to women’, and I believe that part of that errand is as healer. 


We are told in D&C 89 that good health is available to the weakest of all the saints for those who look.


Did the Lord mean for us to be chronically ill or depressed? 

Spend a large portion of our time, energy and money on illness? 

Be dependent on large corporations for our wellbeing? 


I don’t think so. 


The ability to diagnose and treat yourself and family easily, safely and affordably is at your fingertips.


Obviously, there is a health crisis going on in America that needs to be reversed.  We can’t keep on going down the same road and expect different results. 


While allopathic can provide us with many great tools and opportunity for learning, it is apparently not doing us many favors in preventing many debilitating illnesses and disease. 


We can’t afford to sit idly by and wait, hope and pray that we will be saved and made healthy by those outside of ourselves. 


We must be willing to take personal responsibility for ourselves and families health and be proactive in doing what we can to prevent and treat on our own. 


And what better place to look than time tested and proven methods that are centuries old that have very little to no risk. 


Today, we have the advantage of compiling all that information, expanding on it and making it available on a large scale and for very little effort and money. 


Modern and anciently, it’s been primarily women who have born the burden and blessing of physically caring for and healing the sick—it’s in our MtDNA and we have the opportunity to hone in on that knowledge and refine it


Yaya Guru In-Person Yeast Workshop

Imagine your health, your child's health, operating at optimal levels?

What would that feel like not having to worry what tomorrow will bring?  Knowing you can prevent and handle things like eczema, ear aches, PMS, and even something as serious as cancer?


Amazing, right?


Yeast overgrowth, also known as Candidiasis, is pervasive and at the root of so many chronic illnesses, minor and major alike.


Since thay have no diagnostic tools and next to zero treatments and none that last long term, addressing candidiasis is impossible to do with a mainstream, allopathic doctor since it's not worth learning about for them.  You have to take responsibility for this condition, which can feel overwhelming.


Luckily I've taken all the guess work out of it for you.  Having dealt with this condition with my family since 1995 and treated private clients since 2009, I want to teach you all the tips, tricks, and short cuts to getting on top of this condition.  It's a lot easier and affordable than you think!


You want to long term results and to live your life the way you are meant to.

You want the power and resources to manage this condition on your own.  

It is within your reach.  Let my decades of research, knowledge, and experience change your world.  


Your Yaya Guru has taken her skills and gift to organize classes and information to deliver this all into your hands.  She's developed one rockin yeast workshop that you can use for the rest of your life and benefit your loved ones with.  


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