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Yaya Guru In-Person 'The Marriage Fix'

Gospel Centered Workshop


What Happened to Your Man Falling Over Himself For you?  It Can Actually Happen Again!

You're about to hear some really bold statements about marriage that I promise you are true. 

Statement #1

God meant your marriage to be easy.  If it is hard, it can easily be fixed.

Statement #2

You can fix your marriage quickly.  Like in 3-5 days….maybe overnight. 


Statement #3

That spark, passion, and adoration that you had in the beginning – along with the deep intimacy that is earned through years of marriage - can be easily maintained indefinitely.

This isn’t a fake sales pitch.  There is no ‘catch’ or gimmick.


Satan has given us every counterfeit tool imaginable to use and experiment with to try to gain happiness and make our marriages work, and when in the end it never works, we lose our hope, our faith, and our motivation for happiness within marriage.  He's created quite the powerful false narrative around marriage and has been quite successful at it.  Satan has tricked us into believing that marriage is hard, requires sacrificing yourself and happiness, and to expect trials and stress within our marriages.


It’s all a lie.

The proof is in my clients experiences. 


Yes, hidden treasures of knowledge exist, even for relationships.  There are people who have figured it out.

All this is possible, and guess what?  It doesn't even require dragging your husband reluctantly somewhere.  In fact, doing that alone backfires.  All it takes is learning what it is that inspires your husband to fall in love with you again and stay attracted to you like a magnet.

Making these changes will leave you feeling loved, cherished, cared for, heard, and validated.

"I almost laughed in Yaya's face when she told me I could fix my crumbling marriage of 20 years in less than a week....all without my husband going to any class or appointment.  It seemed to good to be true, but because I had already started work on the divorce papers, I figured I had nothing to lose.  Imagine my pleasant surprise when my marriage did turn around in only 3 days!"

Miriam S., Las Vegas  

Most, if not all, of what you’ve been taught about men is wrong?

(if it was right, you wouldn’t be looking for answers, would you?)

Most, if not all, of what you’ve been taught about being a good wife is way off base?

To have the marriage you want, you have to understand why your husband fell in love with you in the first place.


I know you have worked so hard, sacrificed so much, said and done ‘all the right things’, so why isn’t it working? 


Because frankly, everything you’re doing is repelling him. 


But why?  What else are you supposed to do?  You’ve tried everything, right?  I can assure you….you haven’t. 


Women think of love like a to-do list and think they have to show, or prove to their husband that she’s the most amazing thing that’s ever happened to him.  That way he’ll stay forever, right? 


We’ll focus on our looks, or put him first all the time, or do all the things that make him happy meanwhile ignoring your own pain in order to be easy going and ‘nice’.

Your Husband Fell in Love With Your Being, Not Your Doing


What does that mean? 


A man doesn’t fall in love with your brain or intellect.  He falls in love with the way he feels. 

And the only way he’ll ‘feel it’ for you is for you to stop focusing on your to-do love list, and start expressing your heart.

Are you brave enough to show him who you really are and how you really feel?  Because that’s his ticket to falling and staying in love with you.


In order for him to feel safe with you – which is what turns him on emotionally, romantically, and sexually - he has to feel 100% accepted and loved for who he is.  Which means you have to be in touch with your heart and express yourself completely.


He cannot ‘think’ his way into falling in love with you, which is why you can’t put him on your to-do love list.

With your new knowledge, deep connection will happen and he will fall in love with you again without even understanding why.

Let me show you line upon line how to effortlessly waltz right back into his heart. 

There’s no amount of managing, faking, game playing, manipulation, or over thinking that you can do to win his love and affection. 


Authenticity, being honest, and expressing yourself is the only way.


And the amazing thing is, to waltz back in only requires some quick and easy changes.


That’s what the Yaya Guru Marriage Fix Workshop will give you. A line upon line approach that will tell how to release all the mindsets and behavior that have been sabotaging your marriage slowly (or maybe quickly) over time.  The workshop will also put you in touch with your authentic self and empower you to feel like the queen that you are.

"What can I say, but thank you.  These tools really are hidden treasures since everything I had ever read or tried from therapy was the opposite of what actually works.  Yaya's The Marriage Fix actually works.  Don't waste your time looking elsewhere, she's figured out happy, easy marriages."

Kristen P., Logan, UT  

Tap into your true divine nature and really connect with his heart


The 5 tools to put in your kit to fix the broken intimacy

How to effortlessly become irresistible to your husband

What you can say and how you can be to draw him in

Demonstrations and hands on application so you can return with confidence and ability

Don’t you want to feel relax, safe, adored, attractive, validated and blissful again?


Don’t you want it to be easy?

Yaya Guru is a Gospel centered, relationship workshop that comes with a beautifully designed worksheets to help you get the most out of the workshop.

When you invest in Yaya's workshop, what you’re really getting is over a two decades of researching and compiling information into the most accessible format possible. It would literally take you years to track down all of the information in the Yaya Guru Course if you tried to do it yourself.


Instead, you get tips I have learned over the years to create a wonderful marriage and relationship, and get to tap into all of my years of personal experience, which simply can’t be replicated.

Tool #1: Manifesting Your True Divine Nature


Why your divine nature is so magnetic to him

How you’ve been turning your divine nature off and how to turn it on in an instant

How your divine nature makes a man feel safe and connected to you


Tool #2:  How to Inspire Him to Fall Back in Love With You by You Falling in Love with You


How to switch your mindset to eliminate the Adversary’s constant nagging

How to determine if your relationship has any hope.

How to manifest your ideal marriage

Tool #3: How to Receive the Love You Need


Get out of your own way and stop blocking the love that your husband gives you

How to get him to adore you by respecting him as a man

Releasing your bitterness and pain and love him in spite of his shortcomings and ‘bad behavior’

Tool #4: Surrender Your To-Do Love List and Get Trust and Connection


Your husband wants to pursue you, and you want to be pursued….this workshop shows you how and why that happens

The subtle and counterfeit ways you’re chasing your husband away

How to effortlessly get love, attention, and partnership

Tool #5:  Empowered Expression


Why emotional integrity is the key to winning over your husband

How to get discussions to flow and inspire him to share his feelings

Speaking your heart without creating contention and turning him off

"I seriously thought there was no hope.  I am so grateful my best friend talked me into coming.  No wonder our society has marriage so messed up!  They've fallen for Satan's lies."

Rashida J., New Jersey  

What are the Dates and Times?

  • Dates:  please see registration above for your options

  • 9:30 am to 5:30 pm both days

with a 1.5 hour off campus lunch break (lunch not included).

Are there any discounts or bonuses available?

$50 off if you register with a friend

Where is South Jordan, UT in relation to the Salt Lake City International Airport?

South Jordan is about 25 miles south of the airport just off of I-15.  The Trax public transportation system conveniently takes you from the airport right to where the workshop is located, and from the drop off point it's about a 5 minute walk!


Do I have to be Christian or LDS to attend?  

​Nope!  We welcome anyone with any faith background from any walk of life, with the caveat that the workshops will be taught from a Christian point of view with a LDS slant.  So long as you can handle that and a public prayer or two, you're golden!  


Can I get a refund if I need it?

When contacting us to request a refund, please include title of class and dates.

If you cancel 30 days prior to the first date of training, a refund will be issued less 10% processing and administration fee. You may also credit the amount paid for a training towards a future training. 


If you cancel less than 30 days prior to the first date of training AND we can fill your place, we will refund everything except the 10% fee. If we cannot fill your spot, we cannot refund any monies and remaining balance, if any, must be paid in full. Remember, you can credit the amount paid for a training towards a future training.   You may also transfer registration to a trusted loved one

There are NO refunds once the first date of training has started.


Does the investment include hotel or travel costs?

No. The fee is for the Yaya Guru Marriage Fix™ Workshop only. You are responsible for travel and hotel costs. The closest hotel (within about a 20 minute walking distance) is Springhill Suites in South Jordan 


Do you give scholarships or trade for the class?

Scholarships: Yes, on a very limited basis. There is always one scholarship quietly given out to one participant for each class.


Trades: not at this time.


What to Expect after Registering

Please allow up to 72 hours for a confirmation (beyond your payment receipt) and further information, like exact location.


What Are Your Policies?

Handicap accommodations:  Please inquire by email​

Babies:  Quiet, non mobile lap babies are welcome at this workshop

The Fine Print/Legal Disclaimer

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